There are numerous medications that, over the years, have been used to aid in the recovery process. Many, if not most, of these drugs have a complicated history. It is common for a person with the disease of addiction to seek out “a chemical fix” or a “pill to fix the problem,” but this tends to perpetuate the addiction problem (if addictive medications are used) and/or make it less likely that the person will work as hard as they need to at the hard work of recovery (12-step meetings, therapy, spiritual work, etc).

If you are looking for medical advice or medications, the best place to start would likely be with a addiction professional: an Addictionologist (a medical physician who specializes in treating addiction), or at the very least, an addiction professional who knows your history well and can help guide you in the right direction without putting you at risk for relapse. See the Resource page for more info on resources about medications or The American Society for Addiction Medicine at

An interesting article on Suboxone:

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