12-step Programs:

Find a meeting in your area, read the online version of the Big Book, 12 and 12, NA Book, and other materials on the following websites:


Alcoholics Anonymous:


Narcotics Anonymous:


Al Anon/Al Ateen:

For Families or Friends

Sex Addiction Anonymous:


Gamblers Anonymous:


Overeaters Anonymous:


Recommended Reading:

the recovery book


The Recovery Book by Al J. Mooney, M.D., Arlene Eisenbert, and Howard Eisenberg

Healing the Addicted Brain

Love First

Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention. Great info for families on addiction as a disease and what to do if you suspect that someone has an addiction problem.


lost years

The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare

Codependent No More

The Best Book On Codependency

Codependent No More – by Melody Beattie, the leading authority on Codependency

Newsweek: What Addicts Need


Time MagazineTime Magazine, How We Get Addicted



A great article about the addiction and the brain: Stop! Go! A Rogue System In the Brain


A WEALTH of information on addiction can be found on the site.

HBO: Addiction Series


Other Sites of Interest:

There is a treatment finder online on the Samhsa site or call 1-800-662-help.

The NIDA site (national institute on drug abuse) and SAMHSA (substance abuse and mental health services administration) have articles/publications that you can sign up to receive. Much of this information is scientific research about addiction.


HBO: Addiction

The HBO Series on Addiction

HBO: Addiction (specifically Disc 2 Sections 1 and 2) – there is also a good “Addiction” BOOK to go along with the series (sold separately here:

HBO: Addiction Book

HBO: Addiction Book



The Hijacked Brain:     (full transcript available and worth the read)  – an older film (1998) but still light-years ahead of our society when it comes to understanding addiction as a brain disease. This was one of the first sources of information that inspired the beginning of my passion as an addictive disease educator and I still use this information every day.


“Addiction Inbox”

Talbott Recovery Campus has an invaluable MEDICATION GUIDE for a Safe Recovery. Find it here (you will need to enter an email address to download the document but you can opt out of being contacted):

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