Posted by: dopaminedialogue | 07/06/2010

Square Breathing: treatment for anxiety without using medication

Someone requested that I post the instructions for Square Breathing (sometimes called Four-Square Breathing), the technique that is helpful for relaxation and/or relief of anxiety or panic. Here they are:


Breathe in for 4 seconds,

Hold it in for 4 seconds.

Breathe out for 4 seconds,

Repeat this 4 times.

For more on square breathing or other breathing/relaxation techniques, here are some websites:



  1. Since this is all about mindfulness (being in the moment) you really want to focus exclusively on your breathing, letting go of other thoughts, feelings and distractios. I find it easiest
    to sit or stand straight with eyes closed arms and legs uncrossed. It’s pretty amazing!!

    • Yes! Thanks for putting it in the right context Barb. 🙂 I wasn’t very “mindful” when I posted it…but the links that I posted following the instructions go into greater detail as well.

  2. Wow this helped me a lot when I was feeling stressed out.

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