Posted by: dopaminedialogue | 12/10/2009

England has a methadone problem too

It is interesting to read that the government in England is struggling with a similar battle over Methadone as we are here in the US. Methadone is being given to heroin addicts in the English prison system as a means of “treating” their addiction, instead of  placing them in programs available to these inmates which help them to become drug-free. Methadone is the “easier, softer way” to treat addiction these days. It is no wonder that it doesn’t work (although I’m sure it works well to appease the prisoners – and prison staff). I find it refreshing to see that the honest view (that “it is quite wrong”) regarding the use of Methadone is noted in the article, something that has yet to happen in our country.

Read the article here:

Note: Information on Methadone, Suboxone, and “replacement therapy” will be explained in the “Treatment” section, which will be up on the site soon.

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